How to Apply

Admission Policy

The student application process, including taking the placement test prior to class start date, must be completed before a student may be enrolled.

To be eligible for our programs, students must:

  1. Fulfill all requirements of their visa status (If applicable).
  2. Meet the minimum required score on the placement test.*
  3. Provide any government issued document (passport, ID, etc.).

* To be placed in a grammar course, a student’s test score must be at least 0 on the grammar section of the placement test. To be placed in a conversation course, a student’s test score must be at least 10 on the conversation section of the placement test. The student will be enrolled into the level that corresponds to the results of each section of the placement test. If a student’s placement test score does not meet the minimum requirements, the student will be recommended to alternative programs that better suit his/her academic needs. F-1 international students must be enrolled full-time.

To be successfully enrolled in to the class, students must provide all required documents, take a placement test, make a payment and sign a school enrollment agreement prior to the start date. If any of these items is incomplete, the school cannot guarantee a successful enrollment.

For step-by-step application instructions, please visit:

*If a student's test score is less than 9, on the grammar section and a 26 on the listening section, that student cannot be admitted into Manhattan Academy of English's program. Instead, the student can be recommended to alternative programs to suit his/her academic needs by the Admissions Office. If a student scores below the minimum on one section of the test and above the minimum on the other section, that student may enroll in the part-time program and attend the class to which he/she received the minimum score. Unfortunately, this is not an option for F-1 visa holder students, so those students will be recommended to an alternative program due to their low placement score.

Placement Test Requirements:

  • no cell phones, dictionaries, or other electronic devices may be used during the test
  • students may not collaborate with one another during the test
  • the test is proctored by a school representative


Registration Procedure for Students Applying from Abroad

(Please, check our Admission Policy before applying.)

  1. Fill out the application form (The information you submit is strictly confidential).
  2. We will send you a confirmation and an invoice by email. You can request to have it sent by post mail or fax.
  3. Make a bank wire transfer or pay via PayPal of the amount of your invoice (all administrative non-refundable fees) to the school account.
  4. Please submit to us copies of your financial support documents (a bank letter or a bank statement) and copies of your travel passport. You can send these copies either by post mail, fax, or send as scanned images (JPEG format, 200 dpi). (Remember you will have to show the originals of these documents in a US consulate!).
  5. Upon receiving your payment, copies of your passport and financial support, we will mail you an I-20 student form to the address where you are residing.
  6. Now you can apply for your student visa at the U.S. consulate. (Please read the detailed instructions on obtaining your student visa.)

Registration Procedure for Regular Students

  1. Fill out the application form (The information you submit is strictly confidential).
  2. Call us at 518-892-4668, or email us at, and schedule your class.
  3. Please bring your photo ID. You can make all the payments at school.

Payment Instructions

Please, always specify the name of the student you are paying for.

You can make your payment by one of the following:

  1. Send a check or money order payable to Manhattan Academy of English to the following address:
    Manhattan Academy of English 14 Wall Street, suite 2028, New York, NY, 10005 USA
  2. Make a wire transfer from your bank account to the account indicated on your invoice.
    Take your invoice to the bank, the invoice has all the necessary data for the wire transfer, be sure you pay all additional bank fees required to make the transfer. For Bank Wire Transfers no charges should be made to the beneficiary:  Manhattan Academy of English

    We will notify you via email as soon as payment has been received.

  3. Pay by using PayPal. You can use your debit card, credit card, or your PayPal account. If you would like to pay using this option, send an email to and inform the school that you will pay through PayPal.