Manhattan Academy of English services For Schools Abroad and training centers

Manhattan Academy of English (MAE) offers Chinese language schools and training centers online education programs based on MAE online platform, learning materials and selected textbooks. We offer basic package and also optional individual lessons.

Basic package

Basic package includes online group classes by a US teacher at least once a week plus services of an on-site technical assistant. Basic package requires students to be able to learn reading, writing, listening and speaking in English using textbooks and learning materials provided by Manhattan Academy of English. Online group classes based on a schedule coordinated with a Chinese school. The technical assistant performs the following duties:

  1. He/she helps a Chinese school to set up technical equipment needed for online lessons (computers, microphones, screens etc.)

  2. He/she helps to set up a good internet connection to servers of Manhattan Academy of English for optimal video and audio quality.

  3. He/she tests all the systems before every lesson.

  4. He/she monitors all equipment and systems during online group lessons.

  5. He/she shuts down equipment and systems when the online lesson is over.

  6. He/she prints out and hands over homework to the students.

  7. He/she answers questions of students which are learning English using the textbooks and learning materials of Manhattan Academy of English.

All technical assistants went through training at Manhattan Academy of English and received diplomas confirming their qualifications.

Individual online lessons

In addition to the basic package Manhattan academy of English offers individual online English lessons. Each student can pay for individual lessons separately. The individual program for each student and schedule is determined by a US teacher at days and times convenient for the student.


The monthly price for the basic package is determined separately for each Chinese school.

The price for individual online education is 200 yuan/hour, individual lessons are sold in packages of 10 hours

Textbook prices are available at our internet store